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This ancient, Japanese art of Energy Healing can be hands-on or touchless as pure life force is generated and used to balance auric fields, meridians, chakras and ailments in the physical body. Very relaxing and good for relieving stress and triggering spiritual awakenings. Elevated levels of "Qi (or Chi)" help put you in a deep, regenerative state. Intuitive information often comes through that can validate ideas & feelings. Available on location or in spa.
Gentle relaxation massage infused with Reiki energy. Increases blood-flow and increases movement and range in your neck, head, back, arms, wrists, fingers, legs and/or feet. Reiki energy helps soothe aches and remove knots & blockages gently, note: may bring up emotions or stir up stagnant energy, remember this is not just a massage but a Reiki treatment as well (more effective than traditional Reiki sessions). Available on location or in spa.
Tuning Fork Therapy, Singing Bowls, and Sound Frequency Healing. Sound is Vibration and also a very powerful healer. Quickly puts the body in a state where it heals itself and can even fine tune using certain frequencies depending on what is required. Available on location or in spa.
Does something about your new home, apartment or place of business just not feel right? Like there's something negative or uncomfortable in the air? We are energetic beings, and sometimes energies like stress, anger or fear can accumulate and get trapped in certain spaces and the only way to clean them up is to clear them out!
Shamanic Journeying for the spiritual seeker. Helps you move through what you might be going through and onto the next growth phase or cycle. Get in touch with your higher self, spirit guides and animal totems. Includes Readings & Coaching during the session. For best results requires one full evening and with a follow up reflection the next morning. Currently available on-location only.


Years of Experience, Hundreds of Sessions, Leading-Edge Techniques

POWER UP! Motivation, Inspiration and Practical Information to help you help yourself. Tools you can begin to apply immediately that will build your personal power and overall confidence.
Ancient practices, leading-edge research and practical techniques for the best and most effective meditation methods we have ever come across! Mantras, Mudras, Pranayama and Self-Hypnosis.
Healing basics and advanced techniques. Energy work, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Clearing Blockages, Meridians & Pressure Points, Seeing/Working with Auras and Sound Healing.
The Viral Formula, Targeting Your Market, Branding, Re-Branding, Expanding, Growing Social Media Following/Subscribers, Marketing Methods, Content Creation and Automating Workflow.
  • Reiki Healing (Energy Work)
  • Reiki Massage (Gentle Relaxation Massage)
  • Sound Healing
  • Vibrational Therapy
  • Tuning Fork Therapy
  • Sacred Sound Baths
  • Music & Frequency Therapy
  • Group Healings
  • Guided Meditations
  • Healing Workshops
  • Shamanic Drumming

Mix & match services, make a day or event out of it, add to a special occasion, class or workshop!

All services are also availableĀ online forĀ virtual streaming!

Reiki Massage
Vibrational Therapy
Reiki Healing
Space Clearing

We have had the pleasure of working in some of the finest local spas and have been on location for private sessions by popular demand. We have also done live events, festivals, trade shows, seminars, workshops, classes at spas, participated in yoga classes and workshops as Sound Healer (Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Healing Tones, Bells, etc.) at Fusion Movement Yoga Studio in Cambridge, Ontario, Grand Wellness in Brantford, Ontario and Grand River Spa on Six Nations (First Nations Reserve) to name a few.

…your gentle presence and Sound Healing have been gifts to our Tuesday evening Restorative (Yoga) Practices…

-Yogi @ Fusion Movement Yoga Studio



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